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A Clean Restaurant And Bar Brings In More Money Than Dirty Ones

(Hakeem Alexander) I have been inside some filthy places, and just being there immediately triggered feelings of disgust, discomfort, and eventually repulsed me from the environment.

A good example and contrast is the fact that I have been to some really grotesque bathrooms in some establishments; and other times I have been to some really upscale and high class establishments with very clean, sanitary, and welcoming bathrooms.

It is not a far stretch of the imagination to understand how this translates into how a clean restaurant and bar brings in more money than dirty ones.

I am sure there might be some exceptions to this rule, but the circumstances probably have to do with dirt cheap prices, and actual scarcity; whereas the scum-ball of a place is the only one in town.

In the dirty bathroom scenario, you are only there because it is absolutely necessary.

All you want to do is take care of business and get the heck out.

You feel gross just touching the door knob or handle, the sink, and anything else in the place.

The fact is that it is uncomfortable.

On the other hand, I have, and maybe you have visited some bathrooms in classier places that were cleaner than the kitchens in some other joints!

A Clean Restaurant and Bar

When you are in this pristine environment that is well lit, tidy, organized, and in good working order you are more relaxed, and do not mind lingering for a bit.

Imagine that the gross bathroom is stinky, and that the classy one actually smells pleasant.

You probably already understand from personal experience that foul odors are unpleasant, discomforting, and can trigger a bit of anxiety.

The point to understand has to do with the discomfort and the negative emotions that this stimulates.

In the same way, I have noticed that people are generally uncomfortable in cluttered, and unkempt environments that look and feel unclean.

In my job as a Security Host at a restaurant and bar, I believe that I have noticed a direct relationship between cleanliness and money coming through the door.

It is not in my description of duties, but I help to bus tables, sweep floors, mop up spills and messes, and help guests to be seated.

I notice that they appreciate this very much.

As a pleasant side effect of this, I am the only Security Host at my current location who has been tipped in cash by the bus-boys, servers, and bartenders.

But the more important bottom line for the business has been increased by this.

For example, I have noticed that people usually walk away from a messy table that has not been cleaned after previous guests have finished with their drinks and food.

I have witnessed people turn away from even entering because tables look occupied, even when they are available, because they are cluttered with the trash of the previous guests.

Also, I have seen the disgusted looks on peoples faces as they walk by, and see dozens of cigarette butts, and other waste materials on the ground in front of the entrance.

All of these things have changed, simply because I have taken the initiative to make sure that these areas get attention and are made ready for the next potential guests.

What this means is that people are more attracted to a cleaner environment that looks and feels more welcoming and comfortable.

Service staff do not realize how much they are sabotaging themselves in regards to their income from tips by ignoring these “little things”.

Those people who feel more welcome as guests tend to make higher priced purchases, stick around longer, tip their servers more, return more often, refer their friends, and generate positive reviews on social media.

If staff would like to stop receiving negative customer complaints, earn more money from tips, get better hours on their schedule, and generally feel better about their work;

Then it is incredibly important that they adopt pride of ownership into their activities while being employed.

All service staff in this industry would not only help their employer make more money, but the service staff will also be more handsomely rewarded when it comes to money.

The key thing to understand is that a clean restaurant and bar brings in more money than dirty ones.

Once understood, consistent action to ensuring this is actualized will enrich everyone involved.

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