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Dream Action Yoga Archives: Zhejiang Province, Zhuji City, China – UniquilibriuM Certification

(D.A.Y.) Dream Action Yoga Advanced Instructor Training. Live workshops and demonstration 2016 in Eastern China.

Intro to Datang Yoga Demonstration

Yoga Demonstration in Datang, China. Zhejiang Province

Obtaining Teaching Credentials Through Documentaries

(Haiku Science Academy – HK SAR PRC) “Someone cannot reasonably doubt that you are a great teacher of some thing, when you can provide them with evidence that shows you in action, successfully doing the thing that they are considering to hire you to do.” (Full Article Here).

I am NOT registered with the Yoga Alliance


Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings in the US. More and more yoga studios across the country are requiring their teachers to register with the Yoga Alliance, either at the 200-Hour or 500-Hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently, there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher. The YogaWorks Trainings are approved at the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour and 500-Hour level in the United States. YogaWorks trainings have a 5 Star Yoga Alliance rating based on past training participants. – YogaWorks.com FAQ