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Generating Income With Content Made Of Words And Music

Content Made Of Words And Music

Generating Income

This is pretty simple, and is actually a solution for independent artists who are struggling to survive from their creative energy.

One thing that I hear a lot of is how the music industry is falling apart.

I do not know anything about this personally as I never been involved in that part of the music industry.

As long as I have been a recording artist, I have always given my music away to people, not only for free – but at my own expense.

So after I learned about the membership concept of creating income from Dan Kennedy’s courses and Empower Network, I figured out a much less sophisticated way to earn money.

Another part of this Income Producing Activity was hybridized from listening to Public Radio like NPR in California, and is much more like the Public Radio method on the surface.

It lacks sophistication in that there is no type of close or asking for the sale.

The simplicity is in simply having a way to accept money from the people who are paying attention  to you.

By creating and sharing something that you love, you can earn money from the people you share it with.

In my case, what I create and share is multi-media, mostly words and music in addition to images and video.

Because I own and have several sites registered just like the one you are reading from right now, I can simply leave a PayPal button like the one below, and a percentage of my visitors will make donations simply because they want to reciprocate for what I have shared.

My experience has been that when people find value in what I have created and shared with them, they will often be willing to give me money if they see a way to do so, and are able to do so.

Imagine how much more income can be generated if you are more sophisticated with marketing, advertising, and sales.

My actions are basic.

I am really excited about having other people experience what I have made, so I share it with as many people as possible without any need for external or extra motivation.

I shared that it is much like the Public Radio method except for the fact that I have not yet held any formal fundraiser when I have asked people to donate money.

What I actually do is just leave an electronic tip-jar that allows you to give me whatever you like.