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Network Marketing

Network Marketing

(Exercising Your Mind) An ideal NETWORK in my opinion has the following vision and mission:

To organize a group with the purpose to distribute widely the desire, skills, and ability to cultivate people who leave everyone they meet, better for having known them.”

The services and products that also get distributed widely are important from a business point of view.

In fact, any business requires that the income from sales to exceed the expenses of operation in order to be financially considered to be a successful business.

Sales are very important.

Sales are the primary goal of MARKETING.

So my ideal Network Marketing situation is one that generates excessive cash flow through sales, while cultivating people who leave everyone they meet better for having known them.

And the best part of this ideal situation for me, is that the core concept I have based it on, is a foundation with far reaching implications for a better life as a whole, before it was a concept I decided to use for business.