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The Oklahomo Tee is Available for 22 more days…

O.K. + L.A. + Homo = Oklahomo

Oklahomo on TeeSpring

Are you Okay with being gay?

Even more, are you proud?

Maybe you are from Oklahoma or Los Angeles.

Okay + L.A. + Homo = Oklahomo!

Did you move from one of these states to the other?

Travel in between for family, business, friends?

Maybe you’ve just been to these places or just really love them!

You might just get a kick out of how clever this play on words is as I do!

This Tee idea was born in the streets of West Hollywood, California: the Queen of the Gays!

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Oklahomo on TeeSpring

Hakeem Alexander

281 E. Colorado Blvd. #514

Pasadena, CA, 91102