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Learn Self-Defense In Virginia Beach, Virginia

(KappaGuerra) Martial arts training based on kickboxing, wrestling, capoeira, and street-fighting. Learn how to use your body to defend, and counter-attack from any position you find yourself in by custom training to the best of your abilities.

You will strengthen your confidence, feel incredible energy, transform anxiety or stress into calm relaxation, increase flexibility, endurance, and overall quality of life.

Training is provided through one-on-one or small groups (up to 4 participants), and through multiple messaging channels on the internet and offline.

The course descriptions in the link below provide an outline of a small percentage of the physical skills you will learn and practice.

KappaGuerra 101

KappaGuerra Brigade (KGB ) Healthy-Living & Self-Defense (HL&SD) training based on African-Brasilian Capoeira movements, games & rituals.

HypnoAthletics KickBoxing 101

Strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and optimize metabolism with KickBoxing 101 (KB1 ) Healthy-Living & Self-Defense (HL&SD) training based on Thai & Western Boxing movements, strategy & rituals.

KappaGuerra Martial Arts | Women’s Self-Defense | Combat Sports Fitness

$175.00 Each Month

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