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King’s Of Nuthin’ & The need for Real Queens – DEBUT EPISODE with Chris Cavallo

(Callin & Ballin) [RECORDED] Jul 25, 2022 • 4 hr 20 min

S.G.S #1 Open Discussion Sit-down. Find your seat, pour a drink and let’s think. Can’t wait to see who come through the Cellar Door tonight. No one is turned away regardless of identity and are welcome to share. * Mind your Manners *

“…but you know what the interesting thing about is that once you push forward into uncovering something

It seems to actually not be that difficult it could be be tedious and time consuming but that driving passion when you have to understand something and just to get through it

It forces you not to you just don’t feel like it’s like the tedium and it’s that same thing well everybody understands I don’t have to explain this

When you get excited about something like you just start running after it and then the time goes by and they’re like damn I don’t have enough time for this

That’s a feeling that you get that you just go into it…” – Excerpt 19:09 – 19:30 from Savage Gentleman Speakeasy EPISODE 1.