7 Steps to Get Anything You Want

Originally Published in 2 parts on HypnoAthletics as “Navigating Back to Life When You Get Lost“and “Get what you want. Put your heart into all that you desire. Here’s how. (HypnoAthletics) Feelings really matter a lot. Yes, I’m talking about … Continue reading

Instant Business Building With Content Marketing

(HypnoAthletics) The point is to provide attractive content that is wanted, needed, or useful to your potential customers. When your visitors are attracted to your content, you can then expose them to advertisements for your product or service. READ: Start an … Continue reading

A Clean Restaurant And Bar Brings In More Money Than Dirty Ones

(Hakeem Alexander) I have been inside some filthy places, and just being there immediately triggered feelings of disgust, discomfort, and eventually repulsed me from the environment. A good example and contrast is the fact that I have been to some … Continue reading